On January 24, 2020 from 12-9pm, Portia-Ella will be hosting the very first Every-BODY Models Event taking place at Kelowna’s biggest retail destination Orchard Park Shopping Centre.

This live Portia-Ella experience will be featuring a complimentary makeup/tutorial session with internationally published makeup artist Missy Mackintosh of MisMacK Clean Cosmetics, and a free beauty shoot by one of Canada’s leading high fashion beauty photographers Apryl Maxine Stead of White Willow Photography.

Every-BODY Models is focused around the idea that each and every woman is beautiful, no matter how she may perceive herself. The current focus on women in the beauty industry categorizes women into limitations upon how they should look. An industry that’s been 95% male-led tells women that they must be a size zero, with flawless skin. While Portia-Ella is reversing the dichotomy by being 95% female-led, we are showing women just how beautiful they are as their true selves – and we will be showing them that beauty through a world class photography experience. The event is open to everybody and we welcome women from all walks of life to participate in Kelowna’s very first live Portia-Ella experience.