Ever since growing up in BC's spectacular Fraser Valley, Nancy and Daniel Dearborn have interacted with the wonder of the natural world.

Those experiences left an indelible mark deep within that calls out for a response. What started as childhood curiosity and appreciation, soon became a life-long quest to be surrounded by beauty. 

Both artists, who are brother and sister-in-law,  relocated to the Okanagan, where they continue their journeys of exploring remarkable landscape and wildlife.   

Elements is a show designed in response to the artists' interaction with Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Using vivid hues of glass and paint, the Dearborns'  invite you to see the world through their eyes. 

When arriving at the exhibition, viewers will be greeted by brightly coloured canvases that portray familiar Okanagan vistas, and  trees, ocean waves, fire, and birds fashioned from vivid hues of glass that are used to communicate the wonder of the world that is all around us.  

With the ever-increasing awareness of the effect that civilization has on our planet, it is important to pause and focus on the beauty that is available to all who interact with nature itself.  When we experience what creation has to offer, we're more likely to protect this incredible gift, ensuring that those who come after us will in turn discover the joy and splendor of the earth.