4-H BC invites you and your family to our Discover 4-H Open House!

4-H gives young people with an interest in anything from photography to community gardens the opportunity to develop their skills in a process we call “Learn To Do By Doing”. If you can think of it, there is probably a 4-H Club doing it. With a wide selection of projects and programs we are bound to have a program for you! Our projects range from photography, communications and gardening to science fairs, agriculture, and the environment, and that’s just the start!

4-H is an exciting organization for youth aged 6 to 22. Our members belong to a club, choose projects with other members, and learn from the guidance of volunteer leaders. The 4-H program provides young people with an opportunity to learn how to be productive, self-assured adults all while working towards the common goal of making their community and country a better place to live. We focus on providing as many options to youth as possible through a wide array of projects and activities at local, provincial, national and even international levels. Youth can expand their 4-H experience through exchanges, scholarships and grants.

Given that 4-H’s motto is ‘Learn to Do By Doing’ you can certainly expect to get some hands on experiences at our Discover 4-H Open House while learning about a variety of 4-H projects and opportunities! Come by for a day of learning, make a mason bee house, plant a clover, or build a plasma globe!

4-H BC is open to members between the ages of 6 years and 22 years old. Anyone older than 22 can be become a Screened Volunteer or 4-H BC Leader!