A warm oven. The aroma of baking bread. Crisp crust, tender crumb. Ahhhhhh…. This course draws heavily from the recipes and methodology from our Professional Pastry and Bread-making program. Making great bread relies on a sound understanding of the four main ingredients in bread (flour, water, yeast, and salt) and how they interact with each other. We'll take your bread-making skills to the next level, teaching you how to make good sourdough bread. You'll learn how to produce a starter, produce a levain, how to tell when your starter is ready for use, produce sourdough with levain and learn about pre-ferment and sponge theory, a demonstration by the instructor. At the end of class, you'll be able to enjoy your San Francisco Sourdough, French Sourdough, WW Sourdough, and Sourdough Crackers.