This event is held under the beautiful auditorium at Bertram Creek Park in Kelowna thus creating the perfect atmosphere for a transformational experience. All proceeds will be donated to the CMHA- Kelowna.
Letting go is important for achieving a fulfilling life because holding onto negative emotions, past experiences, or unhealthy habits can hinder personal growth and well-being. By letting go, we create space for positive change, self-discovery, and inner peace. It allows us to release the burden of the past and focus on the present moment, fostering a sense of acceptance, resilience, and emotional balance. Letting go enables us to cultivate healthier relationships, make better decisions, and pursue our goals with clarity and renewed energy. "The Awakening of the Self" "Answering the Call"

Event Details for Attendees:
No Food or Drink is Provided
Bring a Comfy Pillow to Sit On if Needed
Parking is on First Come Serve Basis and is Limited- Carpool if Possible
This Event will Proceed Regardless of Weather- Please Dress Appropriately