Part of Chersea and Royal Oak's Summer 2019 Tour.

Surrounded by a myriad of instruments, Chersea uses her loop-stations to create ethereal walls of frequencies; all driven by her powerful voice and poetic lyrics, she’s able to conjure a sound like no other. Her soliloquy of personal hardship melts into an experiential production that allows you to connect with yourself and your neighbours in emotional ways you’ve never imagined. Welcome to Chersea’s story. 

On their 2018 release "Pretend," and more recently, on their anthemic new single “White Lies,” Royal Oak has successfully paired indie rock vibes with a modern pop sensibility, presenting music that is clean and controlled, and yet bursting at the seams with energy. This is a band that has clearly found their sound. Time and time again, the band proves you can craft memorable hooks with an indie aesthetic while adding a little adventurous spirit into every track.

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