Wine Education with Sommelier Mia Papadopoulos

First-class wines, delicious eats and the intimacy of a private wine education class make this journey through the Okanagan and the rest of the wine world a fantastic outing.

Led by our knowledgeable and passionate sommelier, you will be guided through a comprehensive exploration of Chardonnay's rich history, its diverse origins, and its influential role in winemaking traditions. Discover the secrets behind Chardonnay's distinctive flavours and aromas as you learn about the various winemaking techniques employed to craft this versatile varietal.

Throughout the class, you will have the pleasure of sampling a thoughtfully curated selection of Chardonnay wines from renowned regions around the world. From the buttery, oak-aged Chardonnays of Burgundy to the crisp, fruit-forward expressions of California, Australia and Okanagan, you will embark on a sensory adventure, exploring the spectrum of styles and terroirs that make Chardonnay so captivating.

As you taste and compare these exceptional wines side by side, Mia will provide expert guidance, teaching you how to assess the appearance, nose, color, profile, and overall assessment of each wine. Learn the art of properly evaluating wine, understanding its structure, and discerning the influence of climate, soil, and winemaking techniques on the final product.

To understand how Chardonnay tastes, Mia will set up a flight from three key categories paired with bites from our Culinary Team.

Oaked vs Unoaked Chardonnay Flight

Wine 1: East Kelowna Slopes Chardonnay
Wine 2: South Okanagan Chardonnay

Cool Climate vs. Warm Climate Chardonnay Flight

Wine 1: Chablis, France
Wine 2: Australia

Burgundy vs. California Flight

Wine 1: Burgundy
Wine 2: California

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Chardonnay—a delightful voyage that will deepen your appreciation for this extraordinary wine and enhance your overall enjoyment of the world of wine. Cheers!

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