New Vintage Theatre is excited to announce that we will be working with over 30 local artists to workshop new plays by emerging artists. This week and next are the culmination of three months of work by three very talented new playwrights.

I Have Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder by Kaitlin Smith

Imagine if we lived in a world built for autistic people and not neurotypical ones. A world like this would have countless differences from our world. How would we socialize?

What is “normal”? Featuring the talents of: Rhys Griffiths, Tiffany Horak, Joseph Diemand, Lily Nieminen, Hugo Bowman, Kaitlyn Sharman, Casey Easton, Bonnie Gratz, James Long, Kendra Hesketh, Tony Yu, Kathy Green, Josie Morrow, Jarred Kittlitz, Abi Junop, Karis Merrifield, Hannah Crockett and Riley Gayford and more. This exciting project brings together artists of all backgrounds ranging in age from 12-50.