At our monthly Flagship event BWB Storytelling Tuesday we bring the local Okanagan community together to hear inspirational stories from our amazing community.

STT is an evening of human connection where 5 Storytellers each share a story (maximum 15 minutes each) of a personal experience that impacted them.

As we all know as a community we are fearful of sharing vulnerabilities and STT is a great place for people to feel safe and connected.

We all hit obstacles and successes and it is comforting to hear that we are not alone. It is as much about the stories after the storytelling that make this such an amazing and inspirational event.

We also feature a local musician, artist, and photographer - STORY through MUSIC, ART & PHOTOS.

STT is all about personal journey stories - happy, sad, funny, exciting, scary, crazy whatever someone wants or needs to share. The only qualification is it must be a personal story.