Join us for a unforgettable night where the vibes are electric, and the beats are ablaze! DJ Abstract will be curating an exceptional mix of timeless tunes and fresh hip-hop beats, promising a night that's nothing short of spectacular. Dress in your most vibrant neon and white attire, and join us to let loose, move freely, and embrace the goddess within.

Immerse yourself in a wicked evening that perfectly blends fitness and fun. Our Buti yoga class, guided by the phenomenal DJ BEATS, will kick off the night, followed by a champagne celebration. Save the date for this unique event that seamlessly combines invigorating exercise with a vibrant social atmosphere – it's time to shake your asana!

Buti Glow transcends the ordinary yoga class; it's an immersive experience where we'll drench ourselves in glow paint and move with intention under black lights. This 60-minute flow integrates yoga, dance, primal movement, and plyometrics to nourish your soul.

Event Schedule:

6:30 PM: Show up and glow up

7:00 PM: Move and Groove

After the class, revel in the celebration with champagne (or kombucha for non-drinkers and the underage). Glow accessories and paint will be provided – just come dressed in your best outfits with hints of white or neon.

For inquiries and more information, contact Aleena McKinnon:

Telephone: 1-250-808-1764

Don't miss out on Buti Glow – an evening that promises fitness, fun, and a whole lot of glow!