Experience the lights, the drama, and the action of Broadsway, one night only in Kelowna. Featuring one of Calgary’s fiercest drag performers and co-founders of the series, Farrah Nuff, along with local favorites Ella Lamoureux and Sparkle, this show, full of broadway inspired numbers, is sure to be a special one. This show was originally created by Calgary sister’s Nada Nuff & Farrah Nuff and is one you CAN NOT MISS!

About the Performers:

Farrah Nuff, Calgary’s dancing queen, Farrah has been gracing the stage as a performer for nearly 20 years, fifteen as a drag entertainer. 

Ella Lamoureux is one of the founding performers of the Kelowna drag scene. From Kelowna’s Next Drag Superstar drag competition, Embodiment, to recent star on Call Me Mother, Ella has carved out her place as one of the most influential and stunning drag performers in Kelowna. 

Sparkle, she twinkles, she glistens, she sparkles…and she’s the Okanagan’s cocktail queen!