This Year We Cruise!

Over 200 cool cars, hot rods, tuners, supercar exotics, and more will cruise the city of Kelowna and through a neighbourhood near you. Keep an eye out for when we publish the cruise route map so that you can plan a location for your bubble to watch from – bring your chairs, your family, and a picnic to catch the cars and feel the roar while staying safe or watch the live stream of the cruise from home.

The BOYD Autobody & Glass Father’s Day Charity Car Show is a gift to the community. In the past, we have adapted to ensure that we can keep delivering this gift to everyone from the die-hard motorheads to the families looking for an afternoon of fun to the owners excited to display their passion projects.
On June 20th, we are adapting again to safely bring the joy of the car show to everyone while supporting a worthy cause.