Choreography: Kirsten Wicklund
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, String Quartet No. 1 in F Major, Op. 18, and Kirsten Wicklund

With a focus on embodied sensation, Kirsten Wicklund applies a humanistic perspective to her relationship with classical vocabulary and form in this layered study of contrasts. Reflecting on a world disrupted, the dramatic intensity of Disembark is further amplified by cinematic lighting, which creates an otherworldly atmosphere to highlight Wicklund’s expansive movement.

Dedicated to the late Mary Beatrice Saludares.


Choreography: Cameron Fraser-Monroe
Music: iskwē and Tom Wilson (TBC)
Lighting & Projection: Andy Moro (TBC)

Artist in Residence Cameron Fraser-Monroe explores the dichotomy between “Cowboys and Indians” in this full-evening satirical romp to the Wild West. While these caricatures have been portrayed on pages, stages, and in films, they are often penned from a colonial perspective. Fraser-Monroe’s intuitive take on the swashbuckling strut of the Cowboy informs this intellectual unpacking of a one-sided lens and flips the script to ask, what happens when an Indian directs the Cowboys through their history?