Join us for our new series of Vineyard Brunches! We have Axe Monkeys Kelowna joining us to host axe throwing in the vineyard followed by a tasty brunch paired with some of our delicious wines & ciders. Advanced Tickets Required.

Few people (apart from lumberjacks and history buffs) get to experience the thrill of throwing weapons. Axe Monkeys wants to make you as passionate as they are when it comes to throwing axes, tomahawks, knives, and anything else that is fun to throw. Each axe throwing party starts with individual tuition with our expert axe throwers, followed by some target practice. After that everyone has their time to play.

All our wines & ciders are made with our estate grown grapes and apples on 112 acres in South East Kelowna. Our vintage packinghouse that we operate out of was built in 1922 and was built by Great Grandpa Ward. 64 acres of our land is home to apple orchard where we grow cider specific apples for our Wards ciders. Our vines take up the remaining 48 acres where we grow site specific, terrior driven aromatic wines.