AUTHORITY ZERO has never been called “negative.” Even during a pandemic, they kept their collective chin up, put their heads down and wrote what could be called their career album. Set for release in June, Authority Zero’s album “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free” takes a line from hide and seek to encourage fans to leave the COVID-19 depression behind and celebrate life. During the pandemic, singer Jason DeVore saw families torn apart by political views and COVID-19. Now that the divide has somewhat subsided, it’s time to come out and be yourself again.

The Corps are Vancouver BC’s punk rock defenders of Sector 2814! Intergalactic space punk celebrating DC Comics.

Years ago it was written, in an ancient scroll, that a threat would dawn upon Sector 2814, a threat so large, it would require four carefully selected humans to bear the unheard-of Grey rings just for a chance at this sector's survival.

This threat has arrived, and these four humans have been selected. So it begins.

As darkness slithered unnoticed into 2814 posing as music, few were aware of the ever-dimming light. But there were four souls who saw through the lies.

The gods they had served for years, still on the battlefield, will someday relent with pride and pass down the torch. These four will charge their rings and make a stand until the deaf hear the light.

Mostly queer, sometimes political, always a damn good time. Mean Bikini are hailed for their fast, and enthusiastic live show. With musical influences that range from skate punk to hardcore, they make a point to celebrate the good in the world while tearing down the bad in a way that is pointed and unapologetic, but also inclusive and just plain fun.

Though rather new, Mean Bikini has wasted no time making a name for themselves, putting out two EPs on Outhouse Records and playing over 25 shows in 2023, including three festivals and a cross-Canada tour. 2024 doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

VIP Tables: 250-317-4194

Doors open at 8pm. Arrive early to beat the line.
19+ only w/ 2 pieces of Valid ID to enter.