Welcome to the AirGames, the sports camp based around GAMES!

In honor of the quadrennial sporting event that takes place this summer, we have decided to launch our very own AirGames Camp!

Campers get to learn about team spirit, from designing their own team flag to playing in friendly competitions in a multitude of games over the week.

These camps are in the signature AirVenture style of fun activities taking full advantage of all that Airhouse has to offer, BUT we will have based them around games and challenges galore.

Every camper will have a great experience and leave feeling a sense of pride and unity.

Be prepared to get wet! Some of our games involve water play. Our camps are led by trained coaches with an 8:1 ratio.

This Camp runs twice this summer, choose July 27-31 and / or August 3-7.

Note: Each camper is required to bring their own lunches and snacks, as well as outdoor clothes (perhaps some spare clothing) and shoes.