Santana is one of the best-selling groups of all time with 43.5 million certified albums sold in the US, and an estimated 100 million sold worldwide.

Fronted by Mexican-born Javier Vazquez on guitar and vocals, Abraxas has been acclaimed as one of the most authentic, powerful, and accurate tributes to the music of Santana in North America. Javier has been named “The Canadian Carlos Santana” by the Toronto Sun.

This show spans Santana’s musical career; from the early albums (Santana, Abraxas, and Santana III), covering all the hits from the Woodstock era (Soul Sacrifice, Jin-go-lo-ba, Evil Ways, Samba Pa Ti, Black Magic Woman), and featuring the more recent Supernatural (Europa, Smooth, and Maria Maria).

The band features a powerful and colorful female 3-pc horn section and a forceful 3-piece percussion section to faithfully recreate the best moments in the music of Santana across the decades.

Abraxas delivers a spectacular performance; honouring the greatness of Carlos Santana and getting everyone onto the dance floor with its driven Latin grooves!