Boat Launches

Boat launches are unsupervised. Please note that Okanagan Lake water levels can fluctuate drastically from season to season. Lower or higher water levels may result in some launches being unsuitable. Please check water levels before you launch and use at your own risk.

For more information contact the Kelowna Visitor Centre at 250-861-1515.

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Parking Legend:

      V       Vehicle Parking        T      Trailer Parking
      L       Limited space          SS    Street side Parking
      PL     Parking Lot

KELOWNA AREA - Visitor Centre (250) 861- 1515
Name Amenities Parking Ramps Depth Notes
Sutherland Park
on Ellis St.
playground, tennis, washrooms V,T,L,SS 1 shallow no swimming
Water Street restaurants, shopping V,T,L,PL 2 lrg good adjacent to Delta Grand
Cook Rd fuel V,T,PL 2 lrg good adjacent to Hotel Eldorado
Cedar Ck. Beach
on Lakeshore Rd.
picnic tables, swimming, washrooms V,T,L,PL 1 shallow to average dog friendly beach

Name Amenities Parking Ramps Depth Notes
Shelter Bay Marina
on Campbell Rd.
moorage available V,T,PL 1 average open 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mon-Fri
Gellatly Bay
on Gellatly Rd.
picnic tables, washrooms, swimming areas V,T,L,SS 1 average - good  
Fintry Prov. Park
on Westside Rd.
picnic tables, swimming, washrooms V,T,PL 1 average  
Wilsons Landing
on Westside Rd.
small boats V,T,SS 1 shallow unofficial launch
Lake Okanagan Resort
on Westside Rd.
washrooms V,T,SS 1 good walk up to resort
Casa Loma Resort
on Casa Loma Rd.
private - for resort guests only.   n/a *private

Name Amenities Parking Ramps Depth Notes
Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour
on Okanagan Centre Rd.
suitable for most boat sizes V,T,PL 1 shallow open  5 a.m. -10 p.m.
Turtle Bay Marina
on Woodsdale Rd.
fuel and boat storage available V,T,L,SS 1 average fee to use boat launch
Coral Beach picnic tables, playground, washrooms V,T,L,SS 1 average


Name Amenities Parking Ramps Depth Notes
Doggie Beach Princeton Ave. swimming, picnic areas V,T,L,SS 1 n/a dog friendly
Todd’s RV
on Todd Rd.
swimming area V,T,L,SS 1 n/a  
Strachan Bay
on Beach Ave.
swimming area V,T,L,SS 1 good next to the Yacht Club Marina