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Fruit Picking in Kelowna

1 min read

Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, and much more. U-pick anything in Kelowna starting with strawberries to pumpkins in the fall. Bring your dog, your family, your friends, picking is fun for everyone…

Fresh Okanagan Cherry Slice

2 min read

Cherrrieeeeeees! They are now in season and in great abundance this year so buy them by the bagful from a local fruit and vegetable stand and gorge yourself happy. Fresh cherries are a local luxury and are actually world-renowned for their quality and sweetness…

Kelowna Cocktails | Okanagan Market Mule | Harry Dosanj

1 min read

Okanagan Market Mule This recipe features a locally distilled and award winning vodka. Urban Distilleries' Spirit Bear Vodka is handcrafted in copper stills in downtown Kelowna undergoing triple distillation for smooth taste. Paired with Kelowna apple juice and Okanagan cherries, this cocktail is sure to be delicious!   …