It's the first day of spring and with warmer days and bursts of colour on the way, here are some local tracks sure to put a spring in your step - this is your Kelowna spring playlist...

My Kind of Karma - Zelda Fitzgerald

First things first, you have to check out My Kind of Karma’s video for their song “Zelda Fitzgerald.” Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Kelowna’s City Park and Okanagan Lake have big cameos in the video. You’ll regularly find My Kind of Karma performing around Kelowna, whether that be at Fernando’s Pub or Parks Alive! Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page for news on upcoming shows.

Andrew Judah - Better & Better

Andrew Judah is an indie songwriter and composer from Kelowna. He has written original music for the likes of Adidas, Toyota, Disney/ABC, Lincoln - he has also written music for a Super Bowl commercial. Stay tuned to his official website for news on upcoming Kelowna shows, new music and more.

Windmills - Sierra Nevada

Windmills is a regular on the Kelowna circuit, and no matter where he might be performing, his shows are always worth checking out. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for updates on gigs, new sounds and more.

Devon Coyote - Running Wild

Devon Coyote (and his band) are some of the hardest working musicians in the local scene. If they’re not entertaining Kelowna audiences, they’re likely on tour. Find Devon Coyote online here.

Floyd Meets Brown - Captain’s Groove

How about adding a little funk to your life this spring? Floyd Meets Brown can help with that. You’ll often find the quartet performing around Kelowna, especially at Fernando’s Pub. Bookmark their official website for news on upcoming dates and more.

Wild Son - Whipped Cream

If you like to stay up-to-date on upcoming Kelowna live music events, you’ll consistently see Wild Son among the names taking the stage in our city. You can find the band’s official website here.