Meet @looneysonya, last week’s guestgrammer, and #exploreKelowna along with her.

Sonya Looney & Her Mountain Bike

"Abbott St vertical park is a busy place in the summer. People come to go for a stroll, ride bikes, rollerblade, and skateboard. The Heritage Homes built in the 1920s line the path giving the area charming character along with placards with historical information."

Tunnel at Myra Canyon Trestles

"Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel actual happens on the Kettle Valley Railway in Myra Canyon. The last train travel the tracks in 1964 and ow the KVR is used for adventure and recreation." 

Saxophone Player at City Park Beach

"The underpass to City Park Beach is often frequented by musicians because of the acoustics. Have you seen the new art?"

 Canoe perched ashore while the sun sets on Okanagan Lake

"Okanagan sunsets are always spectacular, especially from the beach. Did you see the sunset last night?"

Mountain Biking Crawford Canyon 

"Crawford Canyon offers breathtaking views. Explore Myra Bellevue Park and find secret swimming holes, majestic views, fun trails, and even see some wildlife!."

"Kelowna" written in the sand on the shores of Okanagan Lake  

"This past week was the first heat wave of summer!  Did you enjoy the 30+ degree temperatures?"
Silhouette of Tree while Hiking

"If you climb high enough, you can see layer after layer of mountains waiting to be explored!" 

About @looneysonya

Hi! I’m Sonya! I’m a World Champion professional mountain biker and race all over the world. I moved to Kelowna 3 years ago and have been exploring every inch of the Okanagan on my bike. Our stunning outdoor playground is a dream for any adventurer!

#exploreKelowna through a local’s lens.

It’s clear – locals love getting out and doing things in Kelowna. Tourism Kelowna’s guest instagrammer program shares the many sides of Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, as well as insider tips, right from our locals that love living here!