Meet @sndon, last week’s guestgrammer, and #exploreKelowna along with him.

Christie Falls

"Signs of wildfire that ripped through the valley a little over a decade ago are still present today and give Kelowna its unique landscape. Getting out early gave us some views of fog rolling through the valley and trees, it was quite the sight to see."

High Rim Trail

"The Okanagan high rim trail spans about 50km from Kelowna to Vernon and sports some spectacular views along the way. The convenient thing about this trail is that you can do it in sections if the full trek isn’t for you, this lookout can be accessed by foot from Cougar Canyon in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. Or the most convenient, traveling by car up Oyama lake road." 

Okanagan Mountain Park

"The first backpacking trip of the summer was up to Divide Lake, and it was a subtle reminder of how hot Okanagan summers can get. Hiking through the open terrain of Okanagan Mountain Park makes for some incredible views, but that also means you could be coming back with a couple gnarly sunburns."

 Christie Falls Rope Swing

"I’ve seen photos of this place for years and finally made my first trip up there a couple weeks ago, and it did not disappoint…the general atmosphere surrounding this place is pretty incredible, and the rope swing that swings into the valley just makes it that much more exciting."

Wood Lake Sunrise 

"Early morning at Wood Lake in Oyama, I was traveling down the highway around 6:30AM and pulled over to check out the sunrise on my way to school. I ended up having the entire beach to myself and it made for a great start to the day."

Oyama Lookout  

"Oyama lake lookout gives some pretty spectacular views of the Lake Country area, top tip: bring a vehicle that has enough clearance to handle some rough roads, this way you can park your car right on the edge of the cliff and take advantage of the drive-in scenic view."
Okanagan Mountain Park Stars

"This is the view at night looking north from Okanagan Mountain Park. We set up camp at Divide Lake and waited for the sun to drop down in order to get this shot. Right after the sunlight disappeared, the bright orange glow of the city appeared and silhouetted the trees." 

About @sndon 

My name is Sean Donovan from Vernon, BC. I was born, raised, and still living in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. First and foremost, I am a biology student going into the fourth year of my B. Sc. at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Outside school, I like to spend my days hiking and camping around the Okanagan and the surrounding mountains out east. Photography has been my evening and weekend pastime that has allowed me to share the things I've seen while out adventuring in these incredible places.

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