Meet @jesse.the.messe, last week’s guestgrammer, and #exploreKelowna along with him.

Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary Orb

"There is it! I knew I left it somewhere, turns out I had left my orb at Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary in Kelowna, British Columbia last summer! So when i was looking at the ducks, wouldn't you know it, I tripped on the dang thing! Fortunately my camera shot just at the right moment!"

Sutherland Park Boat

"As I was wandering through Kelowna I found myself at Sutherland Park, and wouldn't you know it, I found my boat! Man I have left some things behind, maybe because it gives me another excuse to come back... Anyway, I hear they are trying to revitalize the ole ship, let's make sure she steers clear of ice burgs." 

The Milky Way at Kekuli Bay Provincial Park

"The Milky Way meets Kekuli Bay! Or more so that I was standing atop of Kekuli bay and meeting the Milky Way... Anyway, this is a great spot that is a great place to play, with the rest of your family if you are camping or something.... "
 Kinsman Park

"The best way to get a great view of Kinsmen Park, in Kelowna, BC is to of course swim out and view it from the lake... The real trick is keeping your electronics above the wetness. Especially your Pokemon catching unit..."

Rhapsody Statue 
"This is a statue to commemorate that time Gandalf was stuck somewhere and the little hobbits were looking defeated, but then one hobbit pointed and said "Look the Dolphins are coming!".... .... Wait that was eagles? ..oh.. Anyway this statue is at Waterfront Park. I think I messed this one up..."

The Delta Gran Hotel at Night  
"The Grandness of a hotel can be pretty grand indeed! And pretty pretty for that matter... Sometimes words confuse me, and I am the one writing this stuff... Anyway, The Delta Grand Hotel at Waterfront park, from this angle, is seriously one of my favorite photos to take each year I find myself in this town."
The Bear at Stuart Park

"Well at least this bear won't steal my picnic lunch! That's because the Bear at Stuart Park isn't a bear at all! It's a monument! However do not climb on said monument - or the monument of Ogopogo will ask you politely to stop at once!" 

Below is a bonus image not posted on Instagram!

Orb at Sunset at Kinsman Park

"Looks like someone at the Kinsmen Park has forgotten a Pokemon ball... Fortunately for me it was full of a sunset, and since I like this sort of thing I happily added it to my already formidable collection of sunset balls"

About @jesse.the.messe 

It’s me Jesse Martineau! I am a photographer! More still I am a husband and a father, of 5 children actually, and they are all boys. Needless to say things can get pretty  crazy around my house… Photography has been long defined as "Capturing a moment". I do agree with that statement, however, I also believe that it can be much too limiting! As a photographer I ‪#‎CREATE‬ moments! We  all have the ability to create something, so let's see what we can do  and begin to create moments vs just capturing them! “I don’t just capture moments, I CREATE them.”

To view more of Jesse's work visit, visit his YouTube page, or even follow him on SnapChat @jessethemessy

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