Meet @aaronbfaulkner, last week’s guestgrammer, and #exploreKelowna along with him.


"This image was shot in Peachland. Summer nights mean the Milky Way becomes visible, this image was shot around 2 in the morning. The nights in the Okanagan are starting to get warm and perfect for stargazing. The key is to get away from light pollution! Try to find dark areas of wilderness, this one was waterfront Peachland on a section with no light up houses or street lights!" 


"A small mule deer just starting to sprout his antlers! I love Rose Valley due to how close it is, and how unique and impressive the landscape is. If you are looking for some more intense hiking, I would suggest exploring the backside of the reservoir, McDougall Rim! It has killer views of the reservoir and Kelowna from atop massive cliffs! The trailhead starts at the end of Bartley Road, directions can be found online."


"Hardy Falls is a nice spot to get some waterfall action and a short walk. The falls will be flowing super fast right now from the spring runoff! I tried to take a different perspective on this image by lighting the waterfall up at night with my flashlight and catching the detail of the falls as well as the stars overhead. The orange clouds are caused by city lights of Peachland."


"Okanagan Mountain Park reflecting on the lake. The mountain is starting to look lush and green again since the forest fires back in 2003. Love how calm our lake gets around dusk, especially around this time when there aren’t many boats out there. Facing Okanagan Mountain Park from west Kelowna or Peachland at sunset is always nice, the last light fades off these mountains."


"Taken from the road just above the Quails' Gate Winery vineyards. Spring means rain and Okanagan rainbows! This is probably one of the more scenic drives in West Kelowna, and with all the vineyards finally getting some leaves; it is starting to look like spring here! There always seems to be some amazing light to photograph here in the valley, and vineyards and orchard make for some nice foreground."

"On occasion, northern lights are visible within the Okanagan Valley. They are rare but can put on a quite a show. Dark areas (away from streetlights and city lights) are ideal for visibility, and be sure to face north! This photo is vivid green, but the image sensor inside cameras is much more sensitive than our eyes, and generally makes the scene look more colorful than naked eye viewing would be. To the bare eye, northern lights are generally a faint green glow." 

Below are a few bonus images not featured on Tourism Kelowna's Instagram!


"Crawford Falls is an awesome spot in Kelowna with two cool waterfalls to see, with the second one being the larger of the two. I think many British Columbians forget just how cool it is to have so many waterfalls in our own backyards. Bear Creek Park, Fintry Falls, Christie Falls, Glen Canyon, Carrot Mountain Bluffs and Mill Creek all have nice waterfalls and scenic hiking trails!" 


"This field behind Tallus Ridge was perfect to photograph with the balsamroots under a classic orange sunset. Love how the sun is setting later and later each day right now! If you are going to be in the wilderness for sunset, anticipate mosquitoes around this time, especially at higher elevations!"


"After all the balsamroots die off at Kalamoir Park (as they currently are), these purple weeds start to flower and cover several hills within the park. Although the balsamroots are dying, Indian paintbrushes, lupines and chocolate lilies start to flower at higher elevations. Powers Creek, Rose Valley reservoir, Carrot Mountain Bluffs and big white are all good spots to catch some wildflowers! Also, keep in mind that black bears waking up also dig these flowers!"

About @aaronbfaulkner  

My name is Aaron Faulkner and I am a 20 year old student and nature photographer based out of West Kelowna, BC. I am very passionate about nature & the outdoors and love living in BC, my photography style reflects this! I try to showcase the natural beauty of BC through my images. I photograph night skies, landscapes, portraits, wildlife and nature. I am continually exploring the Okanagan Valley in search of cool places; I hope you enjoy my images!  

Please feel free to contact me at: 


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