Glenmore Corn Maze

Hannah Stolling through the Corn MazeHannah and Mylah

An Ear of Corn at the Glenmore Corn Maze

A great hour spent at the Kelowna Corn Maze in Glenmore. Daytime is fun for all ages and then at night the ghouls come out! $5 admission for adults, and we spent a full hour exploring the corn maze. Snacks and drinks available too at the front.

Girls at Rotary

A walk along the creek bed at Rotary Trails Park with fall colors all around! A short but beautiful walk and only minutes from Gellatly Bay and Nut Farm.

Hannah at Myra Canyon

Hannah on a Trestle

Kelowna from Above

An incredible morning spent along the Myra Trestles with the girls. Color for miles, views for days, and fun for all.

Mylah in an Apple Box

Mylah enjoying a portrait in an apple box!  ​​​​

Matt Ferguson & Family
Matt Ferguson is a BC born and raised landscape photographer. Matt and his wife, Jennifer, have made it a priority to make sure that their girls (Hannah and Mylah) get to experience all that the Okanagan offers.