Who doesn’t love a steaming hot cup of chocolate on a frosty day? In honour of this internationally beloved beverage, the third annual Okanagan Hot Chocolate Festival is here. Successful festivals have been operating in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal for years, so Food Tours Kelowna decided to launch our own celebration.

From January 19 until February 19, 2024, hot choco fans can travel around to participating restaurants to taste their unique offering. And don’t forget to take pics and share posts of yourselves sipping hot chocolate using #exploreKelowna. There is a contest for the best photo and a wonderful charity component to this delicious festival as well. The website has all the info: okanaganhotchocolatefest.ca

The website has a Flavour Map and some participating vendors offer food pairings to try along with their hot chocolate flavours.

Here are a few of the participating local Hot Chocolatiers to entice you:

1. Sandrine Chocolate & French Pastry

Who better to know how to make a perfect cup of hot chocolate than a chocolate maker…-or in this case should I say chocolat?! Located right beside Orchard Park on Dilworth, prepare for a nose full of joy when you walk into this authentic French bakery and chocolate shop. Sandrine Pastry & Chocolate have two delicious offerings: Spruce Tips and Kalamansi as well as their Caramel and Espelette. To accompany your cuppa, choose one of Sandrine’s delectable pastries or macarons.

2. Empire Crepe 


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Empire Crepe offers signature French savoury or sweet crepes and an unmatched ambience, plus a delicious hot chocolate! This year, they are offering a Ginger Chilli with Homemade Vanilla Marshmallow. A heavenly balance between the red chilli and the warmth of fresh ginger, topped with a toasted homemade marshmallow and sugared red chillis. The perfect warmup on a winter day.

3. Black Rabbit Coffee House

Black Rabbit Coffee House, located on Cook Road just off of Lakeshore, has a bright and yummy offering for this year's Hot Chocolate Festival. A beautiful Ginger Orange Hot Chocolate topped with Sweet Turmeric Whipped Cream - sure to add some light to your day!

4. Bean Scene

Kelowna’s fave locally owned and operated mini-chain of awesome coffee shops (also the first in-house coffee roasters) are all aboard for this chocolatey festival. Bean Scene has shops in three locations making it easy for you to access their version of hot cocoa, the Earl Grey Hot Chocolate topped with a Double-Baked Earl Grey Sugar Cookie Crumble and House-Made Earl Grey Marshmallow. Visit them at their Pandosy Village shop, Landmark Centre HQ, or their North shop located on the corner of Ellis and Doyle.

5. KARAT Chocolate + Pastry 

Known for their quality handmade chocolates and pastries, KARAT Chocolate + Pastry has become a Kelowna staple for any sugar-loving connoisseur. And who better to do a hot chocolate than the chocolate-makers themselves? This year, KARAT is offering a mouthwatering S'mores Hot Chocolate.

Be sure to check out the Okanagan Hot Chocolate Festival website to see all participating businesses. With over 20 locations, there's lots to indulge!