From season to season, Kelowna offers an invitation to explore its natural wonders. With must-see spots from January to December, this curated collection caters to both the first-time visitor and the seasoned local. 



Skiing at Big White Ski Resort
Skiing amidst the Snow Ghosts at Big White Ski Resort - Photo: Destination BC and Blake Jorgenson

In January, Kelowna and the surrounding area's landscape transform into a winter wonderland, especially in the mountains at Big White Ski Resort and SilverStar Ski Resort. Both resorts are top-choice destinations for skiers and snowboarders, known for their legendary champagne powder and the ethereal-looking snow ghosts that dot the slopes. If you aren't a downhill rider, they offer other Nordic activities, including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and skating. 



Photo from February 2023 Winter Destination Production
Taking in the views at Telemark Nordic Club - Photo: Ken Hagen

For an unparalleled outdoor adventure in West Kelowna, the Telemark Nordic Club is a must. Catering to diverse user groups, including snowshoers, recreational skiers, a biathlon and race team, school groups, ski lessons, and dog walkers. Its breathtaking mountain views and trail system make it a great February adventure. 



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Mill Creek Park in Spring - Photo: © RDCO & Michael Hintringer

As March rolls in, the air starts to warm up, and signs of spring pop up all around. That also means the winter melt kicks off, and the waterfalls around the Okanagan come alive with a powerful roar. Mill Creek Park in Ellison is the perfect spot to go waterfall spotting with its moderately flat trail. The park itself is quite shaded, so be prepared for slippery sections if there is snow still on the ground.



Arrowleaf Balsamroot Flowers

While the mountains have their snowy blankets, the arrival of spring creates a breathtaking spectacle in Kelowna. Parks like Kalamoir Regional Park and Knox Mountain Park transform with the striking yellow hues of Arrowleaf balsamroot flowers. Nestled amidst exposed hillsides, these blossoms reach their peak around mid-April, weather permitting.



Pincushion Mountain Summit
Pincushion Mountain Summit - Photo: Meghan Reading

Pincushion Mountain is a hike in Peachland that is notoriously known as a leg burner, but the views are worth it. After the 1.8 km trek to the top, you are greeted with stunning panoramic views of Okanagan Lake. This hike in May is lovely, as the spring ground has begun to dry, and temperatures are just right. Be sure to wear proper hiking attire, including hiking boots, as parts of the trail are known to be slippery on the descent. 



Knox Mountain (Aerial)
Knox Mountain Park Aerial - Photo: Nic Collar Film

Knox Mountain Park is known to be a beautiful spot in every season, but it truly comes alive in June. The weather is perfect—warm and sun-soaked, drawing in hikers, bikers, walkers, and four-legged pals in the off-leash dog park. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful spot in summer with easy car access to the first lookout. The views are unmatched as all the greenery across Kelowna is in full force. And for those seeking a refreshing dip, the journey down to Paul's Tomb is perfect for a swim.



Kalamalka Lake
Turquoise Waters of Kalamalka Lake - Photo: Karen Miller

Renowned for its mesmerizing tropical green hues that shift with the seasons, Kalamalka Lake spans from Oyama to Vernon, showcasing its allure, particularly in July. This pristine gem is a cherished highlight in this sought-after summer destination, and it's easy to see why. Hop on a paddle board, kayak, canoe, or floaty to escape the heat. Although the green hues in the lake are from glacier silt, the water is quite warm, especially around Kaloya Park in Oyama. 



Myra Canyon Trestles Tour
Bike Tour at Myra Cayon Trestles - Photo: Shawn Talbot Photography

In August, biking the Myra Canyon Trestles is a must-do. It's a bit cooler up in the hills than down below, giving you a breather from the heat. The ample sunlight means you can leisurely pedal through the entire stretch of 2 tunnels and 18 trestles, soaking in the stunning views. And don't miss the beauty of the scenery around sunset—it's something else.



Salmon Spawning Channel at Mission Creek Regional Park
Salmon Spawning Channel at Mission Creek - Photo: ARK Media

As September arrives, Kelowna's Mission Creek becomes the fertilizing and egg-laying grounds of the Kokanee Salmon. Head over to Mission Creek Regional Park to watch this seasonal event—it's a must-see this time of year. And don't miss the chance to stroll along the trails, where the leaves are just starting to paint the scenery with their autumn shades, adding to the park's allure.



Photo series taken in partnership with Okanagan Rail Trail
Rail Trail in the Fall - Photo series taken in partnership with Okanagan Rail Trail

The Okanagan Rail Trail is a treat no matter when you visit, but there's something special about it in the Fall. Vibrant golden and orange leaves set against the sparkling blue waters on a sunny day. October brings that crisp morning air, but it warms up just enough as the day progresses. And here's a bonus- it's a fantastic way to soak up the lakeside vibes before winter settles in for the long haul.



Couple Hiking at Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park 1Views at Johns Family Nature Conservancy - Photo: Ken Hagen

Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park sprawls across 400 hectares of stunning parkland in South Kelowna. Offering sweeping vistas of the valley and The Crags, a renowned climbing locale, it's a nature lover's paradise. The trail treats you to jaw-dropping scenic views that are perfect for November outings. You might see the stunning golden larches if you venture earlier in the month. But note to watch out for slippery spots in the colder season. The views are undeniably breathtaking, especially as winter begins.



Couple_Skating_at_Stuart_Park_Rink_2_Skating at Stuart Park - Photo: Darren Hull Studios

The Stuart Park Skate Rink in Kelowna is a gem: a free skating spot that's perfect for December outings. Bring your own skates or opt for rentals available on-site. Twinkling Christmas lights create an especially enchanting atmosphere during the holiday season. And the best part? You get to glide along the ice right by the lake.