Kelowna is an attractive place to live, work, and play, and it’s not just humans who find the Okanagan appealing. For example, our region boasts the greatest biodiversity in all of Canada! Some of that diversity is currently on display at the Okanagan Heritage Museum through a travelling bilingual exhibition from the Royal BC Museum entitled Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey is comprised of 19 different raptors and 15 species of owl, including turkey vultures, ospreys, barred owls, and peregrine falcons. All of the birds live in British Columbia, meaning local visitors to the exhibit will have a rare chance to see our neighbours in the sky up close and personal.


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For our out of town guests, the exhibit presents a chance to get even more familiar with the majesty of our region.

The Curatorial Manager for the Kelowna Museums Society, Amanda Snyder, certainly believes the exhibit is worth visiting:

“This exhibit presents a truly unique opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close, to analyze their details and to see what makes them so special. I’m sure our guests will be fascinated by these beautiful birds,” she explained.

There’s also an added local component to this exhibit as attendees will be able to listen to, and attempt pronouncing, the traditional nsyilxcən names for some of the birds. nsyilxcən is the language of the local syilx/Okanagan people.


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Snyder is confident that the exhibit will have broad appeal with attendees: “Birds of prey have what people might refer to as a ‘wow-factor’ - they’re impressive and engaging. I genuinely believe this exhibit will appeal to bird novices and avid watchers alike. Join us for a journey with these great birds!”

The exhibit is currently open and runs until August 5, 2019. Admission is by donation (suggested at $5 per person or $15 for a family).

You can learn more about the Kelowna Museums Society by visiting their official website.