Meet one of our #exploreKelowna Creators, Benjamin.

Kelowna comes alive through the lens of Benjamin Walker, a local creator capturing visceral images that capture Kelowna in an entirely new way. His photo sets tell a visual story of Kelowna and our deep connection to the land.

Ice on Okanagan Lake (@localsince1908)
Okanagan Lake during the freeze. Photo: Benjamin Walker

Benjamin is a Kelowna photographer with a serious passion for his hometown. Born and raised in Kelowna, specifically in South Kelowna. His family's roots in the community run deep – they've been here since 1908, which is why his Instagram handle, @localsince1908, reflects that connection.

Creativity has always been a big part of Benjamin's life. A few years back, he rediscovered his love for photography during a camping trip. Since then, he's always got his camera handy to capture life's special moments. "Growing up in Kelowna, I'm deeply connected to the community and am a big fan of showcasing why our city is such a great place to live." When not behind the lens, you'll find him outdoors with loved ones.

Northern Lights in Kelowna May 2024 (@localsince1908)
Northern Lights over Kelowna in May 2024. Photo: Benjamin Walker

As you can guess from his content, Benjamin adores spending time in nature. If it gets him moving and outdoors, he's all for it! He's also passionate about photo editing and bringing those captured moments to life. "I love spending as much time outdoors with family and friends—hiking, mountain biking, trail running, skiing, and paddleboarding. The lawn can wait another day to be mowed...". You will find him exploring the local hills or paddling on the lake – that's his way of truly experiencing the Okanagan's beauty.

There are many things Benjamin loves about living in Kelowna. When asked what he loves most, "Access to fresh air, great food, amazing community! It doesn't get much better than life in the Okanagan."

Freida Whales at Slopeside Pride 2024 (@localsince1908)
Local drag queen Freida Whales at Slopeside Pride. Photo: Benjamin Walker

If you're a first-time visitor to Kelowna, Benjamin recommends checking out a few places:

1. Hike For the Views: "Lace up your shoes and hike Knox Mountain, Goats Peak, or Spion Kop to enjoy fresh air and capture the stunning beauty of the valley."

2. Grab a Pint at Red Bird: Visit Red Bird for incredible live music, delicious pizza, and a locally brewed beer.

3. Pedal and Flow: Bring your mountain bike to Smith Creek for fun, flowy trails or Crawford for some challenging technical rides.


As a local, Benjamin has some insider tips for you!

1. "You don't have to break the bank to have an amazing time in Kelowna. There are countless incredible spots to explore and enjoy, all you need is a good pair of shoes."

2. "For evening fun, it's hard to beat Red Bird with its live music, delicious pizza, and local beer."

3. "On a sunny day (or any day, really), you must visit Omar and the team at Parlour Ice Cream for some killer ice cream made with locally sourced ingredients."

Skier at Big White (@localsince1908)
Skier at Big White Ski Resort. Photo: Benjamin Walker

You can follow Benjamin's Kelowna adventures on Instagram at @localsince1908 or check out his photography gallery at Benjamin Walker Photography.