Kelowna has the most dramatic sunsets in the winter, but the prettiest ones are in spring. Winter's chill is gone and the fresh smell of spring is in the air. 

Hidden Beach Sunset

The sun lingers just a little longer every day, leaving us with a few minutes of extra light as the days go on.

Sarson's Beach Sunset

The late soft sun on the fresh green grass, the warmth in the air, late day moisture rising up in the sunshine, it's a sight to behold. One of the reasons that the Okanagan's most beautiful season is Spring.

Old Couple Sarson's Beach Sunset

Sunset at Manteo Resort

Cheers to Spring!

Matt Ferguson & Family
Matt Ferguson is a BC born and raised landscape photographer. Matt and his wife, Jennifer, have made it a priority to make sure that their girls (Hannah and Mylah) get to experience all that the Okanagan offers.