Imagine swirling a glass of crisp white wine, the Okanagan Valley unfolding before you with rolling hills and glittering lakes. This idyllic scene awaits in Lake Country, on the picturesque northeast shore of Okanagan Lake. Here, on the Scenic Sip Wine Trail, wineries entice visitors with not just delectable wines, but also breathtaking backdrops for sipping and savouring.

April is BC Wine Month, and so this month we'll be celebrating everything BC Wine related! Kelowna is located right in the middle of one of the world's most exciting wine regions, acclaimed for its crisp whites, complex reds, and a growing number of organic winemakers. Throughout the month we'll be featuring wineries from Kelowna's distinct wine communities. 


Lake Country

Located just north of Kelowna, Lake Country is a quaint town that lives up to its name. Three stunning lakes, Okanagan, Wood, and Kalamalka, are nestled amongst rolling hills, vineyards, and orchards, which almost guarantee a stunning view from wherever you stop, giving the name to the area's wine trail, The Scenic Sip. Taste light-bodied reds and crisp whites, each reflecting the unique terroir of Lake Country. But the delights don't end there. Here are some of the great wineries you'll find along the way.


50th Parallel Estate

50th Parallel - Shawn Talbot
50th Parallel Winery and BLOCK ONE Restaurant. Photo: Shawn Talbot

Located in the heart of Okanagan wine country, 50th Parallel Estate stands out as a truly exemplary Canadian destination winery. This majestic 61-acre property boasts breathtaking panoramic views of Okanagan Lake, but the magic truly lies beneath the surface. Rare red granite soils, similar to those found in esteemed Alsatian vineyards, contribute to the exceptional quality of their wines.

The estate's location has unmatched geography. The southwest-facing slopes enjoy long, sun-drenched days further amplified by the reflective properties of the lake. This bright, dry, and frost-free environment creates ideal conditions for grape cultivation. 50th Parallel's winemaker is particularly excited about the potential of these unique soils, promising exceptional vintages ahead thanks to the consistently dry and low-pressure growing environment.

Pinot Noir takes center stage, accounting for nearly 40% of the estate's plantings. But the offerings don't stop there. Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer vines grace the remaining blocks, thoughtfully planted in harmony with the natural topography of the land. This commitment to quality and a focus on specific varietals ensure a truly exceptional wine experience at 50th Parallel Estate.


Ancient Hill Estate Winery

Ancient Hill

This boutique European-style winery, set in the beautiful area of Ellison, specializes in small-lot wines made entirely from grapes grown in their own vineyard and processed on-site. The temperature and terroir of its location have favoured Ancient Hill with crisp aromatic whites, which can be enjoyed while taking in the beautiful views of the valley from the picnic area. The tasting room and patio are currently open.


Arrowleaf Cellars

Part of Spring 2022 shoot at Wineries along Lake Country Scenic Sip Wine Trail
Arrowleaf Cellars. Photo: Ken Hagen

Immerse yourself in breathtaking Okanagan Lake views at Arrowleaf Cellars, a family-run winery. Explore their award-winning wines in a sleek, modern tasting room designed by renowned architect Robert Mackenzie. Then, unwind on their picnic patio with a glass of your favorite selection, all while savoring the stunning scenery.

Located on a 16-acre vineyard, Arrowleaf Cellars (named after the vibrant Okanagan Sunflower) crafts exceptional terroir-driven wines. Book your tasting experience today on their website and discover why Arrowleaf Cellars is a must-visit in the Okanagan Valley.


Ex Nihilo Vineyards

Ex Nihilo

Nestled amidst the sun-drenched vineyards of Okanagan Valley, Ex Nihilo crafts exceptional wines that capture the region's essence and the unique character of each terroir. The 20 acres of premium vines flourish on our southwest-facing slopes, nurtured by a harmonious blend of time-honoured traditions and innovative techniques.

Ex Nihilo believes extraordinary wines are born from the passionate dedication of their winemakers and the distinct personality of the land. In this diverse valley renowned for its multitude of grape varietals, they've meticulously honed their approach to create wines that are a true expression of their unique vineyards.

Inspired by "The Muse," a sculpture embodying creation from nothing, Ex Nihilo's story began with a dream. Their relentless pursuit is to craft exceptional wines that surpass expectations and reflect the soul of our Okanagan Valley home. This lifelong dream, born "out of nothing," has blossomed into a winery where they create exceptional wines and experiences they're proud to share.


Gray Monk

Gray Monk - Scenic Sip
Gray Monk. Photo: Shawn Talbot

Established in 1972 by George and Trudy Heiss, Gray Monk isn't just any winery – it's a legacy. We hold the distinction of being British Columbia's oldest family-owned winery and the very first to plant Pinot Gris vines in Canada. Inspired by their European roots, the Heisses envisioned crafting wines that captured the joy they experienced growing up in Germany and Austria. This passion propelled them to become pioneers in cultivating cool-climate grape varietals, paving the way for the flourishing estate winery scene and the VQA designation. The playful name, "Gray Monk," pays homage to the German nickname for Pinot Gris. Today, they're proud to be the leading producer of VQA Pinot Gris and a champion of other cool-climate wines crafted from heritage vines.

Located in an area with a spectacular view overlooking Okanagan Lake, the 25-acre estate welcomes you daily, year-round. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our wine boutique, explore the full-service banquet facility, or indulge in exquisite cuisine at the world-class Lookout Restaurant. But the true star of the show is the wine. Come experience the award-winning selection for yourself, featuring our top-selling VQA Pinot Gris in all of British Columbia. Let Gray Monk take you on a journey – one sip, one breathtaking view at a time.


Enjoy all of what Kelowna's wineries have to offer safely. Guided wine tours unlock hidden gems, exclusive tastings, and chats with winemakers. Local experts craft itineraries to your taste, share insider info, and handle the navigation. Book your stress-free exploration and discover Kelowna's wineries like a pro. View our in-depth list of wine tour companies here.

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