Tourism Kelowna is on the lookout for new or established content creators that call the Central Okanagan home. We are interested in connecting with photographers and videographers in our area that will help us to tell the Kelowna story to a wide audience. Our content needs run the gamut, so see more below! 

Images We're Looking For

  • Cityscapes that capture our changing community
    • For example, shots of downtown as new buildings are completed and in all seasons from Knox Mountain.
  • Food and drink experiences
    • For example, tasting experiences, meals, interior, and patio images. 
  • People enjoying experiences
    • For example, people enjoying the beach, biking along trails, strolling along Mission Creek, etc. 
  • Cultural experiences
    • For example, viewing public art, people taking enjoying exhibits at museums or galleries.
  • COVID-19 compliant images
    • For example, people enjoying any of the above while displaying mask-wearing, keeping distance, small groups, etc.
  • All of the above in all seasons

How We'll Use the Images

All marketing and destination development materials including digital, traditional, websites, and advertising. The images will also be entered into our image library for tourism stakeholders to access to use in their marketing. 

Shared Rights

We're interested in purchasing shared rights from content creators so that we can share your images across all of our marketing and destination development work.  That means you still have full license and own the photos and are able to sell them to others. 

Important Information

  • Images that show risky, unsafe, or illegal behaviour will not be considered
  • People in images must be able to sign a release and understand that their likeness will be used by Tourism Kelowna

If you have a portfolio or are interested in working with our team, email with a link to your work and rates based on the above information. We look forward to connecting with amazing content creators in our area!