Throughout history, humans have used the axe as a tool for many tasks. Never did we think we would use an axe for a date night activity but here’s a unique way to keep any relationship axe-citing. 

Axe Monkey's different axes

At Kelowna’s Axe Monkeys indoor axe throwing facility, guests can learn how to throw axes and knifes. Safety is a valid concern, and all participants have to first go through a preliminary lesson on the rules and techniques of throwing a sharp object.

Axe Monkey's Group Lesson

Axe Monkey's Throwing Demo

You are then assigned a lane where you can start testing out your chucking skills. Each lane is separated by a chain link fence. A real Spruce log target is pinned against the wall at the end of each lane. Whether you prefer a one hand throw or a two hand chuck, the goal is to cast your axe or knife into the centre of the target.

Axe Monkey's Target

Some people prefer throwing an axe overhand, while others prefer underhand. If you manage to sharpen your skills throwing with one axe, imagine how impressed your date would be if you can successfully throw two axes at the same time…

The facility is open 7 days a week, and you can reserve your spot on their website.


Wesla Wong & Duane English
Wesla Wong & Duane English are meteorologists based in Kelowna. When not looking at weather charts, you will find the couple skiing, playing music or hiking with their dogs - enjoying everything that the Okanagan has to offer.