This June, award-winning hyperrealistic drawing artist, Emanuele Dascanio, is holding a 3-day workshop in Kelowna.

Dascanio is based in Milan, but thanks to Art House Retreats, people will have the chance to learn this incredible art form from a true master.

Here’s an example of Dascanio’s work. Just a reminder, this is a drawing, not a high-resolution photograph!

How amazing is that? As is typically the case with the best practitioners of hyperrealistic art, it is hard to believe, but it’s true. And the best part is Dascanio is going to share the secrets behind his craft at a workshop anyone can attend in Kelowna.

We are especially fortunate to be hosting him in our community, given that he is coming all this way just to see us - Kelowna is his only North American workshop in 2018. Other dates include stops in Spain and Germany.

If you would like to try your hand at hyperrealistic drawing, or improve your existing skills, the workshop runs from Friday, June 1st to Sunday, June 3rd (inclusive) and will take place at the Kelowna Forum at 1317 Ethel Street.

More than just an opportunity to hone your artistic abilities, the workshop provides an opportunity for you to network and build relationships with your fellow attendees and a first-rate artist. In addition to the teaching you will receive, the workshop also comes with daily lunch and refreshments.

There are still a small number of spaces available for the workshop. To learn more about the event, please click here.

Art House Retreats intends to continue holding top-level art retreats and workshops in Kelowna moving forward, so please keep an eye on their website for future dates.

Dascanio’s art is held in private collections across the globe, and who knows, this workshop may be the start of your own artistic career? You can visit Emanuele Dascanio’s website here.