Several of my friends are vegetarian with many now making the transition to eat Vegan; recently I was chatting with a few local Chefs and asked them about their menus. I was pleased to learn and happy to share with my friends that there are a number of Kelowna restaurants offering Vegan choices. Now that I’ve tasted some of these dishes myself I can confirm that they taste so good that you wouldn’t guess you are eating a plate full of vegetables. Each of these restaurants featured are also happy to adjust items on their menu to make them vegan, you just need to let your server know.

1. The Hotel Eldorado

Chef Vincent Stufano is setting trends on his new menus. I had the chance to speak with him and discuss not just Vegan choices but find out that future menus will include more Gluten Free items. Their new menus include several vegan options including the most delicious oatmeal brulee you will enjoy (I voted to add this to their dessert menu too); Mediterranean flatbread + Veggie Wrap on their lunch menu and Okanagan Carrots + Spiced Warm Winter Vegetables on their dinner menu.

2. BNA Brewing

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Vegan and Gluten Free! Their Beet & Quinoa Salad is so much more than lettuce and vegetables. The mix of quinoa, local beets, dehydrated root vegetables (carrots, parsnips), spicy tahini kale chips, arugula, toasted pumpkin seeds, and the top secret super delicious cider emulsion is so yummy. The portion is quite large and the ratio of grain/seeds to greens/veggies is on point, so come hungry. Also important to note is that their beer is also vegan.

3. 19 Okanagan

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Their Thai Noodle Bowl will have you wanting to go back for more, lucky for us we can find it on their lunch and dinner menu. They make all of their own sauces in-house and take great care in choosing ingredients.

4. Xchange

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Chef Graydon is creating delicious dishes in the kitchen, in this restaurant found in Kelowna’s business district. They’ve launched a vegan menu that includes these delicious cauliflower buffalo wings.

5. Salted Brick

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New owners and a new chef result in a revamped menu featuring fresh local ingredients. Part of their new menu has a great selection of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan choices including their Sushi Rice that includes local Cassis compressed fall melon, nori, sriracha, ponzu.

6. The Garden Bistro at O'Rourke's Peak Cellars

A wine tour and lunch! Their bistro is located right in the tasting room so you get to be in the heart of the buzz while you enjoy tasty pizza, pasta, soup and more. The vegan pizza includes sage oil based with sweet Italian oregano, garlic, caramelized onions, banana squash, topped with balsamic drizzle, hazelnuts and mustard greens, they also offer gluten-free crust.

7. Naked Café

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Chikin Burgers, toona sandwich, doughnuts, salads, ‘fish’ and chips, pulled ‘pork’ their vegetarian and vegan menus seem endless when you walk through their doors. They’ve created dishes that even meat eaters can’t tell their eating vegan.

8. Lake Tai Restaurant

Located on Kirschner Road this restaurant is serving delicious Taiwanese and Vegetarian/Vegan menu items. Your favourite Asian inspired dishes can be found here.

These are only a few of the restaurants that have vegan options in Kelowna, share some of your favourites with us below.