Businesses in Kelowna have been quick to adapt and persevere during the past couple of months, continuing to deliver products and services to the community if they are able. Whether you're a local or a visitor, here are several ways you can show your appreciation—both for the work those businesses who continued to operate have been doing safely and for the work all businesses will continue to do as BC's Restart Plan phases in. 

Like, Comment & Share


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By liking a page, commenting on a post, or sharing posts with your friends, you’re boosting morale and using word-of-mouth to help businesses spread their message to, likely, a relevant audience. So, don’t just scroll by, check out the post, comment, and visit their website.

Don’t Wait to Write a Review

Giving a business a positive rating online via Facebook, Google, or TripAdvisor helps potential new clients to find out about your favourite local store, restaurant, hotel or other tourism business. It is also an easy way to put a smile on a business owner's face.

Purchase Gift Cards


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While a business may not be able to operate as usual right now, purchasing a gift card for use later in the year gives them a HUGE boost and helps with current costs. Plus, knowing they will have patrons visiting later in the year builds confidence.

Postpone, Don’t Cancel

If you’ve booked a hotel or purchased tickets to an event or made restaurant reservations, instead of cancelling consider postponing. Many small businesses rely on deposit payments to continue operating and aren’t in a position to refund all bookings. If you’re able to visit at a later date, please do.

Order Take-Out or Delivery


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This one goes without saying, but so many restaurants in our community have been able to keep paying their staff because residents have generously been ordering food, wine, and other craft beverages to enjoy at home. As much as you’re able, please continue.

Say Thank You

For those that have been working hard to keep their businesses afloat during these stressful times, just saying “thank you” can go a long way. A positive review, a quick note to their social accounts or an email or call directly to the business to personally let them know you appreciate the work they do means more than you know.