Kelowna has many paths and trails to explore in and around the city. If you’re planning to explore our outdoor playground, be sure to review and follow these tips before heading out.

Do Your Research


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Before heading out on any outdoor excursion, research the place you’re planning to go. Know your limits and be sure you fully understand:

  • how to get to the trailhead
  • length of the trail
  • level of difficulty

Be Prepared


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Trip planning is part of being prepared, but make sure you have the proper footwear, clothing, a first aid kit, a cell phone, and tell someone where you’re going and how long you’re going to be gone for.

Consider Time of Day


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Mid-day during the summer can be very hot, so if you’re planning to hike, plan to hit the trail in the early morning so your trip is complete before the hottest time of day. Or, choose a shorter trail to try in the evening that will have you back to your accommodation before it gets dark.

Stay Hydrated


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Always have enough water for yourself on the trail, plus more! And, if you’re hiking with a dog, make sure you keep them hydrated, as well.  Some trails will have streams that your furry friend can drink from, but many don’t. Keep all your hiking buddies cool by bringing enough water.

Leave No Trace


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Everyone knows the saying “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” and that’s an important aspect of taking in the great outdoors. To protect our natural environment for those that will visit after you, practice Leave No Trace principles.

And, as we are currently in a global pandemic, please be sure to keep these health and safety recommendations in mind.