As 2011 drew to a close, we recognized our staff, Board Directors and the Kelowna Airport Info Kiosk volunteers at a Christmas games and dinner event with a Survivor theme at Chances. A good time was had by all and all were relieved to learn the spiders were made of Annegrets' milk chocolate.

Blog - Visitor Services Team RecognizedThe Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to B.J. Taylor for her continued outstanding dedication and contribution to the kiosk. B.J. is pictured here wearing her tiara at the Kelowna Airport Info Kiosk. B.J. has logged 1500 hours since she began volunteering for us in June 2005. She is devoted and invested and takes great pride in the service we provide for visitors and locals at the airport kiosk. Her long, high-level banking career has well prepared her for this essential visitor servicing role.

Did you know the kiosk operates 7 days per week with a tremendous team of 22 knowledgeable, skilled volunteer Visitor Services Counsellors who together donate an average of 3400 hours per year?

How proud am I?  (hint: VERY)

Diana, Visitor Services Manager