Local Kelowna businesses got a promotional boost recently with a variety of destination editorial pieces that ran on television, online, and in magazines. Earlier this year, Tourism Kelowna conducted a number of press trips involving numerous local tourism businesses (see example at right), and this coverage is the result of those press trips. Thanks goes to the many local businesses who participated in hosting the media represented in these stories. Please visit our Articles Page of the Tourism Kelowna website to see the recent coverage. Here is a brief synopsis of what ran:

  • Blog - Local Tourism Businesses Promoted in Media StoriesDecember 15 2011 - Restless Josie Visits Kelowna and the Center of Gravity Festival, estimated audience: 71,750
  • December 2011 - Tastes Much Sweeter Than Wine
    Online article by: Bill Nestor for GoGolfAndTravel.com, unique visitors: 46,800 
  • December 12, 2011 - Unique merchants in Kelowna
    Online article by: Catherine Frechette for Castanet.net, unique visitors: 255,799
  • December 5, 2011 - Ma Caravane Au Canada: Kelowna
    Television Clip by: Ma Caravane Au Canada on TV5, estimated audience: 30,300 
  • November 25 2011 - Ode to Kelowna
    Television Clip Courtesy of: The Ron James Show on CBC Television estimated audience: 199,800
  • Fall 2011 - Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kelowna, BC
    Print article by Brent Long for Herald Magazine, circulation: 2000

In total, these recent articles represent an estimated advertising value of $25,908, meaning that this is what it would have cost to place advertising in these outlets for the equivalent amount of page space or air time. Topics ranged from golf travel to festival experiences, culinary and wine experiences, culture, and Okanagan lake. Should you have questions about our media relations program, please contact me at catherine@tourismkelowna.com or by calling 250-861-1515 ext 203.