Paynter's Fruit Market
3687 Paynter Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 1R1
Tel (250) 768-7313

Jennay Oliver is a fourth generation farmer and owner of Paynter’s Fruit Market in Kelowna, responsible for 15 acres of crops, u-pick and a busy fruit and vege market. She upholds the integrity of her family’s values while turning a small family farm into a must-visit tourism operation and growing its bottom line by double digits. She brings innovation and a savvy approach to farming and marketing her crop. Jennay gives back to her community as a volunteer firefighter, Chair of the Agricultural Advisory Committee and supporter of PLAN Okanagan providing social networks for youth with various disabilities, employing several of these youth on the farm. Jennay is passionate about sustainable farming and shares this knowledge on free farm tours for schools and mentoring new farmers.

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