Comedians Stuart Jones and Tristan MacKinlay
Date: October 8, 2016
Time: From: 09:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Admission: $10
Location: Dakoda's Comedy Lounge
1574 Harvey Ave
Time: 9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Price: $10

Finally, something to be thankful for. After honing their skills in Vancouver, Rutland's own Stuart Jones Kelowna Comedy Fest, and UBC-O drop-out Tristan MacKinlay are heading back to Kelowna to make your body move at Dakoda's, Saturday October 8th, 7PM and 9PM.

Stuart Jones and Tristan MacKinlay both did stand-up in Kelowna for the first time, and now they're back in town to do stand-up for the last time. That's right, just like Thanksgiving turkeys, unless they receive a presidential pardon, these comedians will be executed at dawn and served up with stuffing. But as sad a thought as that is, you won't be able to be sad when you watch these chuckleheads throw down some steaming hot... mashed potatoes... with gravy... what were we talking about? Oh yeah, comedy. It's going to be great!

This thanksgiving weekend, whether you're missing your family (aww), or stuck with your family(boo) you owe it to yourself and to them to come check out the show.. If you love Stuart's expertly-crafted comedy, or you've been wondering why you and Tristan never made out, come to the show! If you don't know who either of them are, then come to the show and experience these feelings for the first time!

No jive turkeys.