Comedian Casey Corbin
Date: October 22, 2016
Admission: $10
Location: Dakoda's Comedy Lounge
1574 Harvey Ave
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Price: $10

In 2001 Casey Corbin made his National Television debut when he performed on Comedy At Club 54. He taped it Nov.5th and it aired Dec.28 for the first time. This along with constant touring would lead to some attention by the Canadian Comedy Awards. In 2001 & 2002 Casey would be nominated in the Funniest Newcomer category. Also in 01 & 02, Casey would compete in regional Just For Laughs Homegrown Competitions.
By 2005, Casey Corbin was personally chosen by Harland Williams as a tour opener for the Just For Laughs produced “Tasty Treats” comedy tour starring Harland Williams along side his cousin Kevin Hearns from the Barenaked Ladies. This tour played theatres across Canada. In 2007 Just For Laughs chose Casey to perform in the National Homegrown Competition at the prestigious festivals 25th Anniversary in Montreal.
Also in 2007 Casey brought his brand of comedy to the CBC Halifax ComedyFest. His opening night gala set rocked the room and was used the next day on CBC radio to promote the fest. Some of his performances from this festival would air on CBC television in 2008. It wasn’t the only comedy by Casey that would air on TV. Later that year, this talented comedian was awarded his own comedy special. Two different versions of his special would make it on air. A 30 minute version that airs on CTV titled “Comedy Now”.
Then an hour version that would air on the Comedy Network titled, “The Comedy Network Presents: Casey Corbin, Comedy Now UNCENSORED” The 60 minute version still airs to this day and can be found online on the Comedy Network’s website.
Since then Casey has appeared on TV several times. He’s been seen on MTV, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bite TV, iChannel and even the Game Show Network. He’s also been
heard on SiriusXM satellite Radio and has 2 cd’s available for download on iTunes. “The C Train” which he recorded in 2003 and his most current cd, “Vampires Are Popular.”
His latest being recorded 2012. 2014 Casey opened for Rory Scovel at JFL 42 & 2016 he was heard on CBC Radio One’s Laugh Out Loud.
Along with all his successes, Casey has got to work and share the stage with some big name acts. He has been lucky enough to have worked along side of great headliners such as Mike MacDonald, Mitch Hedberg, Greg Proops, Todd Glass, Jeremy Hotz and Russell Peters.