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Tourism Kelowna is a not-for-profit society that is governed by the tourism industry stakeholders through an elected Board of Directors.

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A stakeholder model has been adopted by the Tourism Kelowna Board which means that all tourism businesses and organizations in the Kelowna Census Metropolitan Area (equivalent to the Central Okanagan Regional District)– the geographic area represented and hence impacted by Tourism Kelowna marketing activities – are automatically stakeholders with Tourism Kelowna without paying a membership fee. Businesses who decide to link themselves to Tourism Kelowna’s marketing activities through the purchase of one or more of the destination advertising packages offered will receive the added benefit of being eligible to vote for the Board of Directors. A variety of advertising packages has been developed to meet the needs of all sizes of businesses.


Generating intrigue and desire to travel to Kelowna.


Our Mission is to create a measurable healthier tourism industry through innovative marketing and advocacy initiatives.
•    Our work will contribute to an increase in overnight visitors to Kelowna
•    Kelowna's destination branding will be recognized regionally, nationally and internationally
•    Kelowna's diverse year-round tourism will be expanded and supported by our encouragement and advocacy.

Key Results Areas

Tourism Kelowna's mission for 2013 will be accomplished through 4 Key Result Areas (KRAs):

1. Destination Marketing

Visitor spending in Kelowna and area amounts to over $346 million per annum. Tourism is a very significant industry for Kelowna and one that has strong growth potential. Generating robust consumer brand awareness for this destination and the experiences it represents is required if growth is to continue. Building the Kelowna brand, maximizing existing markets, and developing new markets will ensure a successful and sustainable industry for our destination and the businesses within it.

2. Visitor Services Development

Servicing the visitor pre-visit and during their visit is a critical marketing tactic. It is at the point of contact, whether that be through our website, over the phone, or in person, that the destination truly comes to life for the prospective visitor and the likelihood of a sale being made is dramatically increased. Tourism Kelowna must ensure that every facet of its marketing is focused on the quality of the guest experience, resulting in increased visitors and increased spending. This can only occur if the experience is superior and visitors are enthused.
The development of services that profile our destination effectively and increase the ease for the visitor to experience it are our top priority for the next five years. If we can entice more tourists to fully experience our destination, the results are both immediate and longer term through "word-of-mouth" advertising/referrals.

3. Destination Management

Destination management involves the oversight and evaluation of influencing and/or controlling impacts that the destination has on tourists and that tourists have on the destination. It is a far-reaching concept, one that involves all levels of government and business and hence is a complex process.
Tourism Kelowna has identified elements that it can activate to improve the tourism experience for both our visitors and businesses while providing increased resources with which to better achieve its mandate.

4. Advocacy

Government policy can have both positive and negative impacts on tourism and it is the role of Tourism Kelowna to work with all levels of government and partners to ensure that our destination is provided with the best opportunities possible for success.

ADOPTED June 18, 2008

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Visitor Info Centre: 544 Harvey Ave (Hwy 97) • Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 6C9, Canada • Toll Free: 1-800-663-4345